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Can I just tell you? This whole site needs an overhaul. My goodness! Thank you for visiting, come back again in a few weeks. I still appreciate your support. :)
I love your support. So many of you have encouraged me to keep writing all these years. I took a few years off because I wasn't feeling very confident about my skill and self-conscience about my subject matter. I really appreciate your gentle (sometimes haunting) push to get back on the proverbial horse. My favorite thing in the world is making someone laugh, typically at my own expense. It warms my heart to hear that my silly stories have helped you smile or laugh out loud when you felt like that's the last thing you could do.


I also really appreciate the support of many boyfriends who read through my entire collection of crazy and still chose to continue dating. I'm not sure if you felt bad for me or found me charming. Regardless, thanks for the encouragement.


I'm going to change things up a little bit. As you may have guessed, from some of my posts, I have aspirations of writing a book. (Or two, three, or four… We'll see.) Anyway, all of my stories, up to 3/6/17, are true and happened to me. I'm thinking about adding some characters to my stories and playing around with fiction writing. You'll be able to tell the real stories from fiction. I think. ;-)


I'm not sure what my books are going to be like, yet. I've always enjoyed reading fiction but, maybe non-fiction is the right path for me. I'm pretty confident with the voice I've developed in telling my silly stories and would like to continue to write in that tone. I know I'm going to start off slow because, as you know, self-discipline has never been one of my stronger qualities. I may try to play around with other subjects, too. Stay tuned.


This site is meant to make you laugh through stories that you may be able to relate to whether it's sour love, a cooking disaster, a social faux-pas, etc. So, bear with me as I stumble through my experiences, hopefully, more gracefully than the actual event, but just as funny, and either share the lesson or just make you laugh out loud.

If there's ever a story that really hits your funny bone or makes your day, let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

So, sit back, put on your reading glasses and enjoy.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Home Depot

I’ve been single awhile. I don’t mind, well, not really. Most days, I can honestly say, I’m completely content. My only obligation is to work so I can afford myself. I don’t have to ask permission for anything and I can go anywhere, whenever I want (if someone else is buying.) I have a great apartment, when the shower is working and the wind isn’t blowing through the closed windows…

On the days I could use some help, like, with moving, getting my heat to work or insulating windows, I wish, more than anything, I was part of a couple. I have a ton of guy friends but I hate asking for help. A boyfriend is almost obligated. At this point, my number one reason for having a male counterpart would be so I didn’t have to go to Home Depot again. Ever.

I was in the other day to get plastic insulation for my windows. Every single one is broken, it’s either cracked or the top window doesn’t stay up. They need to be nailed shut and taped then shrink-wrapped with plastic. Within minutes of being in Home Depot, I felt deduced to moron status. I hadn’t even thought about the size of my windows.  I guess I just assumed it was one size fits all…

There is a tape measure in my apartment; it’s decoupaged with green and yellow flowers and I’m pretty sure it can’t be more than 40”. I don’t use it very often because I’m a firm believer in “eye-balling” it. I have minimal holes in the wall around picture frames because of my expertise, actually.

In fact, that’s kind of the way I choose men. I “eye-ball” them, sum them up within a few seconds and proceed with nailing them into the wall of my heart. However, most of them are crooked and mismatched but they hang there as my eclectic little group. I digress…

I found another woman going through the boxes, reading the different sizes and hoped she felt like a moron, too. She didn’t. She told me everything I needed to know about window insulation. In fact, she told me I could save some money if I got the thick plastic roll in the paint aisle and cut it to size myself. I considered it but then thought, “Who am I kidding?" The likelihood that I’ll get the pre-cut ones up is slim-to-none. To think that I’ll take the time to measure and cut thick plastic to fit my old, broken windows is COMPLETELY out of the realm of possibility.

Can I just tell you? I did actually ask a guy to help but, he blew me off for a Bruins game. Typical. I guess I need to start measuring…

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