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Can I just tell you? This whole site needs an overhaul. My goodness! Thank you for visiting, come back again in a few weeks. I still appreciate your support. :)
I love your support. So many of you have encouraged me to keep writing all these years. I took a few years off because I wasn't feeling very confident about my skill and self-conscience about my subject matter. I really appreciate your gentle (sometimes haunting) push to get back on the proverbial horse. My favorite thing in the world is making someone laugh, typically at my own expense. It warms my heart to hear that my silly stories have helped you smile or laugh out loud when you felt like that's the last thing you could do.


I also really appreciate the support of many boyfriends who read through my entire collection of crazy and still chose to continue dating. I'm not sure if you felt bad for me or found me charming. Regardless, thanks for the encouragement.


I'm going to change things up a little bit. As you may have guessed, from some of my posts, I have aspirations of writing a book. (Or two, three, or four… We'll see.) Anyway, all of my stories, up to 3/6/17, are true and happened to me. I'm thinking about adding some characters to my stories and playing around with fiction writing. You'll be able to tell the real stories from fiction. I think. ;-)


I'm not sure what my books are going to be like, yet. I've always enjoyed reading fiction but, maybe non-fiction is the right path for me. I'm pretty confident with the voice I've developed in telling my silly stories and would like to continue to write in that tone. I know I'm going to start off slow because, as you know, self-discipline has never been one of my stronger qualities. I may try to play around with other subjects, too. Stay tuned.


This site is meant to make you laugh through stories that you may be able to relate to whether it's sour love, a cooking disaster, a social faux-pas, etc. So, bear with me as I stumble through my experiences, hopefully, more gracefully than the actual event, but just as funny, and either share the lesson or just make you laugh out loud.

If there's ever a story that really hits your funny bone or makes your day, let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

So, sit back, put on your reading glasses and enjoy.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

100 Days
Sadly, I’ve been very neglectful of my random ramblings as of late. Over the last several months I’ve been going through some tremendous change that has made me think every other day, “Ooo, I’m going to have to write about that!” Unfortunately, thought hasn’t made it to paper…until now. 

On September 23, 2009 I got a call from my friend, Peggy, letting me know, in passing, there were 100 days until the end of the year. The question that followed her statement made a deep impression on me, “Did you know you can change your life completely in 100 days?” 

I thought about that question all night asking myself, “What would I want to change in 100 days?” First of all, I’ve wanted to change a certain 10lbs to someone else’s zip code, maybe in Ethiopia. Lord knows they’re starving over there. Just ask my mother who insisted I clean my plate since I was weaned from Gerber… Unfortunately, that would mean I’d have to give up my beloved desserts and I’m just not at that point in my life yet.

I knew I wanted to change something, but what? 

That weekend, I went to see my team play the Evil Empire in New York at Yankee Stadium. I had great seats and was in terrific company. After the game, I went to dinner with a dear friend (who enjoys food and dessert just as much as I do.) We asked the waiter where to go for stories to bring back to Boston (since we couldn’t take the tenderloin and sticky buns with us; unless we counted the new layer of them on our thighs…) He suggested a place called Plunge on top of the Hotel Gansevoort.

Now, my friend and I are two dorks. Really. We both dress comfortably and avoid plunging necklines and anything remotely risqué that may suggest we’re “easy.” Well, needless to say, we were a little out of place at this NYC hotspot sashaying around in our comfortable shoes sipping $15 vodka drinks while the DJ spun the latest techno music. We didn’t care; we were there to have some good clean fun…

Can I just tell you? Several hours of dancing later, we were at the Ritz Plaza in a penthouse suite doing miniature shots of absinthe until 4am! Miniature only because I refused to do a full shot because a) I believed it to be illegal b) I suspected it to have psychedelic effects and c) we didn’t know the two gentlemen we were with from Adam. But, like Halloween candy, the baby ones don’t count so we consumed multiple.

The next morning I had a light and fluffy omelet prepared for me by a tall, handsome stranger in a suit (it was Monday) on a balcony overlooking Times Square. 

Now, I have always believed that in order to grow, you need to make changes that often feel uncomfortable at first but usually lead to a win and movement in the right direction. The following day, I knew the answer to my question. 

One month later, I quit my job, ended my lease and started the process of moving to New York City approximately 60 days before the end of 2009.

I’ve been here a little over a week. Let the adventures begin.

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